We leverage science and technology to impact the way people think about Diversity & Inclusion, and, more importantly, what they do about it.


Aleria Research is a nonprofit whose purpose is to conduct charitable, scientific research in areas related to Diversity & Inclusion. Our mission is to demonstrate the value of D&I and foster greater inclusion and equality across society. Our work specifically aims to benefit women, underrepresented minorities, people with disabilities, and other disadvantaged and underserved communities by convincing the privileged majority of the value of becoming more diverse and more inclusive.

While there is a spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion in the media and an increasing number of companies are prioritizing initiatives internally, we believe there is still much to learn and accomplish in this growing field of study.

Aleria Research conducts scientific research with the rigor and transparency of academia, but with the efficiency and applied mindset of the private sector. Our human-centric approach leverages behavioral sciences, complexity science and technology to impact the way people think about D&I, and, more importantly, what they do about it.


Current & Future Research Projects


Are you curious about the type of research projects Aleria Research works on? Below you’ll find some of the unique aspects of D&I we are focused on through either current or upcoming projects.

● Create a quantitative definition of “inclusion” and identify key metrics to help companies measure and improve their inclusion

● Analyze limitations in the way the U.S. Government currently collects diversity data from corporations, and design alternative methodologies

● Work with Financial Services organizations to understand why women tend to leave the industry

● Explore the journey of entrepreneurs from company inception to funding, to understand the different experiences of women and minority entrepreneurs


Get Involved


Our research is made possible by donations, grants and collaborative projects. We partner with a variety of organizations, including academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, foundations, and for-profit corporations.

We welcome partnerships with people who share our vision. Here are examples of how you can support our work, but if you have other ideas, we’d love to hear them.